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Wheel of Life Assessment

No matter how accomplished or happy you are in life, there are always areas that could use some improvement. Think about your health, career, finances, and relationships. Where are you currently thriving and where could you use some work?

What parts of your life have you ignored in order to focus your attention elsewhere? The Wheel of Life is a way to take a good, hard look at each facet of your life, and rate its relative quality level, so you can uncover which areas need more attention than others.

Download the free guide and complete your own Wheel of Life Assessment, as described in the book.

EFT Tapping Guide

  • Step-by-Step Guide that anyone can use to understand EFT Tapping and immediately start using this technique.
  • Sample EFT Script that you can use to reduce stress and calm anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.
  • Proven to Work: EFT is based on the same scientifically-proven principles as acupuncture. (But without the needles!)

    With over 100 peer-reviewed studies on its effectiveness since its inception in 1995, EFT is a proven self-help technique.

Release Meditation Technique

This meditation technique is mentioned in A Few Good Habits. Here's a quick way to watch Brendon Burchard explain and demonstrate his Release Meditation Technique in more detail.

Disclaimer: This site is in no way affiliated with Brendon Burchard and does not own the rights to this video.

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