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Hi, I'm Julie.

I'm a Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Certified High Performance Coach. I help people work smarter by using coaching practices rooted in neuroscience to improve thinking, focus, decision-making, and productivity, so they can get more done––without collateral damage to their relationships or well-being.

My work focuses on supercharging your success with high-performance habits so you don't burn out or want to burn it all down.

In 2020 amid the pandemic and trying to juggle running my business and parenting two boys who were now at home with me all day, I started to experience intense anxiety and burnout.

My personal struggles put me on a quest to learn more about how our brains and bodies actually work. I couldn't get enough of this research and became certified in many different techniques and modalities to understand how people can truly thrive in all areas of life.

I have since uncovered how the most successful people in the world seem to get it all done while still having a well-balanced life –– even during challenging times. This journey inspired my book, A Few Good Habits.

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What is High Performance?

High performance is succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term, while still maintaining positive well-being and relationships.

It’s about creating a high-performance life, in which you experience an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from being your best self.

I teach ambitious professionals how to prioritize their mindset, health, and relationships – without sacrificing the quality of their work.